Laser Hair Removal – Things You Need to Know Before Having the Treatment

Before you go for laser hair removal, you should understand the procedure and what to expect. The laser will work when the hair follicle is active. It is best to shave the area first to avoid thermal injury and absorb the laser’s energy. This will help the treatment go as far as it needs to go, the hair follicle, and the surrounding skin. If you do not shave beforehand, you might end up with cut skin that can’t heal properly after the procedure.

When you go for laser hair removal, you must shave the area. You should shave your legs at least 24 hours before your treatment. The reason for this is that the laser works by targeting the hair root, which means that you must have a full head of hair to see results. For this reason, shaving is the only method of hair removal during the procedure. If you don’t shave your legs before the appointment, you may be charged $75 or more if your laser tech does it for you.

There are some medications that can interact with laser hair removal. Patients should stop taking any medication that is photosensitive a week before the treatment. Most antibiotics are photosensitive. You should also wait until the infection is treated before you undergo laser hair removal. Furthermore, you should avoid using certain active skincare ingredients before laser hair removal. These products will increase the production of new skin cells and make the skin more sensitive to the sun, so you should avoid using them before the treatment.

The procedure itself can take anywhere from five to ten minutes. You may also experience redness after the procedure. This is normal and is caused by the laser destroying the hair follicle. You should also avoid tanning a day before the treatment. The procedure is generally safe and can last for many years. However, you should be sure to have it done by a certified healthcare provider who knows what they are doing.

Before having the treatment, you should avoid shaved skin, which will cause discomfort during the procedure. A clean shave is essential, as the procedure will result in burns. Afterwards, you should not use any other skin products on the area you have treated. Do not shave the area for 24 hours. After the procedure, your skin will be red for about a week.

One thing you should remember before having the treatment is that it doesn’t work instantly. Depending on your skin and the area you’re having treated, it may take multiple sessions before the hairs will fall out. It will take between two and three months before the hair will grow back. You should also be consistent in attending the scheduled appointments. This will ensure that you have your treatment and get the maximum benefit.

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