Important Causes About Male Infertility

  • Celiac disease:- it is a digestive disorder that affects fertility in male. Taking a gluten-free diet can help in getting fertility back during this medical condition.
  • Medications:- cancer medications, testosterone replacement therapy, and other several medication and treatments can affect the fertility level of men.

Environmental causes

  • Industrial chemicals:- exposure to several chemicals and pesticides can lead to low sperm count in male. These chemicals include xylene, herbicides, organic solvents, etc.
  • Heavy metal exposure:- exposure to lead and similar harmful metals damage the ability of sperm production in the male.
  • X-rays and radiation:- exposure to radiation reduces the sperm count of male.
  • Overheating of testicles:- testicles genetically need cool environment to produce sperm, and overexposure to heat can impair your sperm count.

Lifestyle and other causes

  • Stress:- emotional stress interfere with hormone balance and destroy those hormones which are required for sperm production.
  • Depression:- depression in men cause sexual dysfunction, reduced libido and also affects sperm production in the male.
  • Weight:- Obesity or weight problems cause a very high imbalance in hormone levels of the body resulting in impairment of sperm production and affect testicles directly.
  • Drugs use:- use of cocaine, steroids, and other drugs cause testicles to get shrink and lose their ability to produce sperms.
  • Alcohol consumption:- consumption of alcohol causes erectile dysfunction and create a low sperm count in male.
  • Tobacco consumption:- smoking tobacco affects our testosterone levels and reduces our sperm count.

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