Jewel in a green playboy sweater

Meet Jewel, she’s a real girl. A beautiful girl next door college student whom her friends and classmates would never suspect would do such naughty things for all the world to see. When Jewel’s not studying hard for finals she’s busy making guys, young and old, hard. She’s hard to resist with that freckled natural beauty of hers and those firm perky tits with perfectly succulent pink nipples that she loves to have sucked on.

Her pussy is soft and pink and usually very wet, especially during her weekly very intimate camshow just for her members. Jewel’s what we all want in a girlfriend, a girl with innocent beauty and a real smart head on her shoulders, you can be proud to take her anywhere or meet anybody but behind closed doors, watch out, she’s young, horny and won’t stop until you’ve given her everything you got!

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